Bunions are those unsightly enlargements or bumps that occur on the inside areas of your feet. A bunion deformity causes a wide range of problems for the patient. Bunions cause pain and swelling to the inside of the foot. This pain is worse when wearing shoes or with walking.

A woman with a bunion being treated at Canyon Oaks Foot and Ankle

What causes bunions?

The possible causes of a bunion deformity include hereditary tendencies. Bunions are also caused by abnormal foot mechanics with walking. Shoe gear such as high heels has been implicated in the cause of bunions as well.

How can I be sure I have bunions?

The diagnosis of a bunion is made through the physical exam and a combination of x ray evaluation. The physical exam will reveal swelling and redness on the inside of the inside of the great toe joint. The inside of the great toe joint is enlarged as well. X Ray findings will reveal spreading of the 1st and 2nd metatarsals.

Treatment and Prevention

The treatment options for bunion deformities include a wide range of therapeutic approaches. Shoe modifications, padding, physical therapy and occasional injection care for the existing symptoms can help reduce any underlying pain.

Functional orthotics or foot supportive devices can, in many cases, reduce the involved abnormal forces and slow the progression of the bunion.

In more severe cases, surgical intervention of the involved deformity is another viable option, though it should be discussed thoroughly with your foot specialist.

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