Yes, Your Patients Can Now Enjoy Professional Podiatric Care at Your Facility!

We are the preferred provider for long-term care facilities throughout the Central Valley. We are a dependable consultant for your patient care team - all at no cost to you! Let us show you what our team of professionals can do for your facility!
Bringing Professional Foot Care Right to Your Doorstep! Our specialized service ensures that patients at assisted living facilities receive top-notch podiatric care without ever having to leave the comfort of their home. By offering comprehensive foot care on-site, we not only ensure happy, healthy feet for residents but also alleviate the hassle of transportation and scheduling for both the facility and the patients. Say goodbye to unnecessary trips to podiatry clinics and hello to convenient, expert care delivered right where you are!


The procedure for toenail trimming involves carefully trimming the nails to an appropriate length and shape to prevent discomfort, ingrown nails, and other related issues. Our expert podiatrists utilize precise techniques to ensure a comfortable experience and maintain optimal foot health.


Maintaining cleanliness of the foot is paramount for overall foot health and hygiene. We provide expert guidance on proper foot hygiene practices, ensuring the prevention of infections, odor, and discomfort.


The treatment for an ingrown toenail typically involves gently trimming the nail, relieving pressure, and addressing any infection or inflammation.Our professional treatment will prevent complications and ensure proper healing.


Our cosmetic services have helped thousands of people with fungal toenails feel proud of their feet again.


The process of lotion application involves gently massaging a moisturizing lotion or cream onto the feet to hydrate and nourish the skin. This helps prevent dryness, cracking, and discomfort, promoting overall foot health and comfort.


Effective communication is crucial in providing optimal care, and we prioritize clear and consistent communication with assisted living facilities. Our team ensures seamless coordination and collaboration with facility staff to address residents’ foot care needs promptly and comprehensively.

We Treat ALL Residents And Will Work With Their Insurance For Billing

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